Academic Forgiveness

Some prospective transfer students may be eligible for one of these alternative admission programs. Students interested in either the Academic Fresh Start or Academic Bankruptcy program must consult with an admissions counselor first, before pursuing one of these options. These programs are intended for prospective students only and cannot be applied after the student has been accepted.

Academic Fresh Start

Under the provisions of the Texas Education Code, the Academic Fresh Start program was established to allow a Texas resident to apply for admission and elect to have all academic course work earned 10 or more years prior to the requested enrollment date ignored for admission purposes. Individuals who choose Academic Fresh Start, including former Texas State students, must submit Academic Fresh Start paperwork prior to being admitted, must meet current published admission criteria for Texas State and must submit official records from all colleges attended. Students admitted under this provision will not receive any course credit for courses taken 10 or more years prior to enrollment, but any course work completed within the last ten years will be used for admission and course credit. All course work will remain on the student's record. 

Academic Bankruptcy

Students who have not enrolled in any accredited college or university for five or more consecutive calendar years immediately prior to admission to Texas State may request permission to declare academic bankruptcy prior to being admitted. Individuals who choose the Academic Bankruptcy Policy, including former Texas State students, must submit Academic Bankruptcy paperwork prior to being admitted. Under this policy, all college-level work done at an earlier date is eliminated from computation of the GPA and none of it is applied toward a degree at Texas State. Such work, however, will not be removed from the student’s record. Those granted academic bankruptcy are admitted on academic probation.

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