Amrin Madhani

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Amrin Madhani

Admissions Counselor



San Antonio and Bexar County High Schools

West Texas High Schools and Colleges

Hometown:  Austin, Texas

Alma Mater:  Texas State University

Majors/Degrees:  Bachelor of Arts in English (Medieval Literature Specialization), Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (Professional and Organizational Advancement Concentration), and a minor in Honors Studies

How would you describe the atmosphere at Texas State?

The atmosphere at Texas State is very cordial. Students and faculty members are always so happy to see each other. Often on campus, we have multiple events that are open invite, so a lot of students and faculty show up and support each other. As a university, we take pride in being Bobcats and lending a helping hand to each other.


What do you like best about San Marcos?

My favorite thing about San Marcos is it’s the official Mermaid Capitol of Texas. There are beautiful mermaid statues around the city and a fun Mermaid festival in early September. It’s a great way to get the residents and students of Texas State to come together and celebrate the unique history of the city we live in.


What advice do you have for future students?

Some advice I would like to give to students would start with asking them WHY they're studying what they're studying. Because no amount of prestige or financial compensation is going to replace the happiness you get from studying what you really want to study. No matter what you pursue in college, staying true to yourself is what really gives you the success you're looking for.