Courtney Sears

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Courtney Sears

Director of International Marketing & Recruitment


Hometown:  Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

Alma Mater:  Arkansas State University, Florida International University

Majors/Degrees:  Bachelor of International Business with minors in Spanish and Marketing, Master of International Business

How would you describe the atmosphere at Texas State?

Inclusive. Texas State prides itself on creating an inclusive environment where students from all backgrounds feel welcome and supported. The university celebrates diversity and encourages students to embrace their identities while fostering a sense of belonging within the campus community.


What advice do you have for future students?

My advice for future students would be to always stay curious.

College is a time for intellectual growth and exploration. Be open to new ideas and take advantage of opportunities to broaden your knowledge and expand your horizons.


What is your favorite tradition at Texas State?

The Ring Ceremony! The Ring Ceremony is a special event for Texas State students who have earned their class rings. It's a formal ceremony where students receive their rings and wear them with pride as a symbol of their academic achievements and connection to the university.