Honors College

Students conducting outdoor research at the San Marcos River.
The Honors College provides you the opportunity to design your own courses, choose your capstone, and dive into research that matters to you.
Dr. Heather Galloway
Dean, Honors College

Honors College is a special academic experience that is both demanding and lively. Honors students from all majors study in small, interdisciplinary, seminar style classes. It’s a chance to collaborate with other energetic minds while enjoying a variety of extraordinary learning opportunities, including education abroad and unique class options. 

The Honors College experience culminates with a capstone project—a significant independent work that allows you to explore your own interests while demonstrating the full scope of your skills and abilities to employers and graduate schools.

Some courses offered through the Honors College:

  • Alienation and Authenticity: In Search of the Modern Self
  • Aesthetics of Failure
  • Re-Humanizing Communication
  • Design Across Cultures
  • American History through Memoirs
  • Preserving Humanity in the Face of Conflict
  • Baseball and the American Experience
  • Nonviolence, Sustainability and Social Change
  • America in the Sixties
Kera Daughtery


Electronic Media major
Women's Studies minor

Texarkana, Texas


“The essence of what honors is, it’s bringing so many different people together, from different backgrounds and experiences, just to have these discussions. And you learn so much from people who’ve been through different things than you, who view whatever we’re studying in that moment from a different lens than you.”


International Studies / Anthropology double majors
History / Art History minors

Lindale, Texas


“I lived in Laurel, the honors dorm, my freshman year. All my close friends now are the people I met there. Dr. Valencia, our live-in faculty, helped me a ridiculous amount over the past four years. He helped with my Honors Capstone, wrote my recommendation for grad school, and even spent a few hours helping me with my application. This fall I’m going to Oxford for my master’s in classical archaeology.”

Maddie Mezzell
Larry Adisa


2023 Graduate
Communication Studies major

Palestine, Texas


“The Honors College is a really good way to stay connected to the campus, especially if you’re a transfer student like me. I didn’t have the freshman experience here, but the Honors College has a lot of like-minded individuals. This is where I found my community.”


2023 Graduate
Electronic Media major

Houston, Texas


“I love taking honors courses and taking a wide variety of topics, like history and then a lot of music honors courses, which led me to decide to study ethno-musicology, especially one I took with Dr. (Nico) Schüler. After graduation, I’m going to do a master’s degree in England, at the University of Manchester.”

Mekenzie Primm

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