Honors College

Honors College is a special academic experience that is both demanding and lively. Honors students from all majors study in small, interdisciplinary, seminar style classes. It’s a chance to collaborate with other energetic minds while enjoying a variety of extraordinary learning opportunities, including education abroad and unique class options. 

The Honors College experience culminates with a capstone project—a significant independent work that allows you to explore your own interests while demonstrating the full scope of your skills and abilities to employers and graduate schools.

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Some classes offered through the Honors College in the past:

  • Eating Animals in America: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
  • Nonviolence, Sustainability and Social Change
  • America in the Sixties
  • American History through Memoirs
  • Ethics of Care: East and West
  • Baseball and the American Experience
Joseph Sikawze

Joseph Sikazwe

Biology (Pre-Med)

Dallas, Texas

The benefits of being an Honors College student include interesting classes, phenomenal professors, scholarships and early registration. An added bonus is that I have met so many interesting people who have challenged me to engage in thought-provoking conversations and even changed my viewpoints on a lot of issues.

Andrea Pinon


San Antonio, Texas

My thesis is about restoration projects in Wimberley, Texas, following the 2015 Memorial Day floods. I want to grasp the public's perspective on conservation issues close to home and find out what challenges the public faces when confronted with environmental issues. It's been an amazing experience, and I've learned so much from doing thesis research.

Andrea Pinon
Caleb Ritchie

Caleb Ritchie

Public Relations

San Marcos, Texas

The Honors College is an educational family. The personalized courses are interesting and let you dictate your academic experience. The memories I have made in the Coffee Forum and the small classes are so much more than I expected coming into college. I had resources in my peers but also in my professors, who have remained mentors throughout my college experience and have given me feedback for résumé building.

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