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Credit for Cambridge Exams

International freshmen and transfer students may earn credit by submitting A and AS level Cambridge Assessment scores.
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General Guidelines:

The chart below is intended only for A and AS Levels administered by the Cambridge Assessment examination board.

Credit will be awarded for examinations with grades of E or better.

To conduct an evaluation of credit for examinations, an official copy of the exam certificate must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Please inquire with your examination board on how to submit your official exam results to Texas State University.

Exams administered by other boards will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, including:

NOTE:  ELNA/ELADV are used to indicate that Texas State does not have an equivalent course. If your examination results transfer as ELNA/ELADV credit, you will need to consult with your advisor regarding how to utilize that credit in your degree plan.

The information in this chart is subject to change without notice.

Cambridge ExamLevelTexas State Equivalent (A Level)Semester Hours
AccountingAACC 2301 + 3 hours ACC ELNA6
AccountingASACC 23013
Art & DesignAART ELNA6
Art & DesignASART ELNA3
Biblical StudiesAREL ELNA6
Biblical StudiesASREL ELNA3
BiologyABIO 1330 + 3 hour BIO ELNA6
BiologyASBIO 13303
BusinessAB A 2310 + 3 hours B A ELNA6
BusinessASB A 23103
ChemistryACHEM 1341/1141 + CHEM 1342/11428
ChemistryASCHEM 1341/11414
Classical StudiesAENG 2330 + 3 hours ENG ELNA6
Classical StudiesASENG 23303
Computer ScienceACS 1428 + 2 hours CS ELNA6
Computer ScienceASCS ELNA3
Design & TechnologyAID ELNA6
Design & TechnologyASID ELNA3
Design & TextilesAFM 1332 + FM 23346
Design & TextilesASFM 13323
Digital Media & DesignAART ELNA6
Digital Media & DesignASART ELNA3
DivinityAREL ELNA6
EconomicsAECO 2301 + 3 hours ECO ELNA6
EconomicsASECO 23013
English General PaperASENG 13103
English LanguageAENG 1310 + 3 hours ENG ELNA6
English LanguageASENG 13103
English Language & LiteratureAENG 1310 + 3 hours ENG ELNA6
English Language & LiteratureASENG 13103
English LiteratureAENG ELNA6
English LiteratureASENG ELNA3
Environmental ManagementAMGT ELNA6
Environmental ManagementASMGT ELNA3
GeographyAGEO ELNA6
GeographyASGEO ELNA3
Global Perspectives & ResearchAIS ELNA6
Global Perspectives & ResearchASIS ELNA3
HinduismAREL ELNA6
HistoryAHIST 1320 + 3 hours HIST ELNA6
HistoryASHIST 13203
Information TechnologyACIS 1323 + 3 hours CIS ELNA6
Information TechnologyASCIS 13233
Islamic StudiesAREL ELNA6
Islamic StudiesASREL ELNA3
Marine ScienceABIO ELNA6
Marine ScienceASBIO ELNA3
MathematicsAMATH 2471 + MATH 24728
MathematicsASMATH 24714
Mathematics FurtherAMATH ELNA6
Mathematics FurtherASMATH ELNA3
Media StudiesAMC ELNA6
Media StudiesASMC ELNA3
Physical EducationAESS ELADV6
Physical EducationASESS ELADV3
PhysicsAPHYS 1430 + PHYS 24258
PsychologyAPSY 1300 + 3 hours PSY ELNA6
PsychologyASPSY 13003
SociologyASOCI 1310 + SOCI 33376
SociologyASSOCI 13103
Sport & Physical EducationAESS ELADV6
Sport & Physical EducationASESS ELADV3
TheaterATH ELNA6
Thinking SkillsAPHIL ELNA6
Thinking SkillsASPHIL ELNA3