alkek library

Alkek Library, you’ll remember these stairs.

boko the bobcat

Boko the Bobcat was named in 1964.

underwater photo of San Marcos River in Sewell Park

Crystal clear waters of the spring-fed San Marcos River run through campus.

student walking downtown

Downtown San Marcos, otherwise known as The Square!

students giving hand signs

“Eat ’Em Up, Cats” is a favorite cheer here at TXST.

students walking near stallions

Fighting Stallions is a sculpture & free speech area.

gaillardias flowers

Gaillardias are the official school flower & inspiration for our school colors.

students walking on trail

Hill Country is gorgeous & we get to call it home!

graduate working in office

Internship opportunities are plenty at TXST!

students eating together

Jones Dining, the perfect place when you’re hangry.

student kayaking

Kayaks, the best way to explore San Marcos waterways.

lyndon b johnson headshot

Lyndon B. Johnson graduated from TXST in 1930.

student in front of mermaid mural

Mermaids do exist in San Marcos!

man wearing indigenous outfit

Native & Indigenous people called the region home more than 13,000 years ago.

old main in the clouds

Old Main was TXST’s first building & opened in 1903.

paw print imprinted tile

Paw Prints can be found on the floor of The Wittliff Collections.

students walking in the quad

The Quad is the heart of our San Marcos Campus.

graduate jumping into the river

River Jump, our unique graduation tradition.

strutters performing

Strutters are our dance team established in 1960.

turtles on log

Turtles love Texas State waterways.

students in class room

Undergrad degrees, TXST offers 99.

victory star on strahan building

Victory Star shines bright after a TXST victory!

wacker field game

Wacker Field is named after legendary coach Jim Wacker.

student playing xylophone

Xylophone, yup, we have one in our school marching band.

aerial of campus

Y’all know this one. It’s Texas State. What did you expect?

zamora maria elena

Zamora, Maria Elena was the first Hispanic to attend TXST in 1906.