Financial Aid and Scholarships

College is a big investment in your future — Texas State can help you get here. We provide financial aid and scholarships to make your education as affordable as possible.

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Types of Financial Aid

There are three different types of financial aid:


Grants are gifts of money that you do not need to repay. They are awarded based on financial need.


Work-study is financial aid that you earn by working at a university job. The opportunity is awarded based on financial need, and Career Services can then help you find a specific work-study position.

Student Loans

Student loans are borrowed money that you will need to repay after you leave school.

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You can combine financial aid with scholarships: awards of money that you do not need to repay. Scholarships are usually based on your academic or personal achievements. They may also take into account your intended major, your financial need and other factors.

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Freshman Scholarships

Three categories of academic scholarships are available to incoming Texas State freshmen: assured, national, and competitive.

Assured Scholarships

You don’t need to apply for these scholarships — they are awarded automatically to every incoming freshman who is qualified. Qualifications are based on your academic record, including test scores and high school class rank.

President’s Honor Scholarship

$48,000 total over 4 years

Texas State Achievement Scholarship

$24,000 - $32,000 total over 4 years

Texas State Distinguished Scholarship

$16,000 total over 4 years

National Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded automatically based on qualifications that you may have earned in high school: being named a National Merit Finalist or a National Hispanic Scholar.

National Distinction Scholarship

$40,000 total over 4 years

National Hispanic Scholarship

$8,000 total over 4 years

Competitive Scholarships

These are scholarships that you must apply for, which are awarded based on the strength of your application.


Terry Foundation Scholarship

This foundation awards competitive scholarships to Texas students who excel in and out of the classroom. 

Kendria Shields-Rhodes
I am extremely humbled and grateful to have the amazing opportunity to receive various scholarships through our wonderful donors & supporters at TXST. These scholarships mean a lot to me as a first-generation student.
Kendria Shields-Rhodes

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